Supra Tariff calculator - in contrast to other similar solutions - enables nearly complete listing of all the characteristics of individual tariffs, tariff options and packages from even most innovative provider’s price list. This means that operators can enter all but the most complex tariff value - and all these will be taken into the calculation when calculating the estimated monthly consumption.

Supra Tariff Calculator consists of a user and an administration section. While the first is intended for end users, others are used by representatives of operators, as well as the Telecommunications Agency - for registration and control of all tariff prices, as well as for all prices for each tariff option.

The user uses most possible simplified web interface to describe   typical monthly telecom consumption, then - a calculator simulates the resulting monthly cost by applying all existing tariffs and tariff options - to show the rankings of the most favourable tariffs for users with such described telecommunication habits.
A special feature of SUPRA system is the ability to define the characteristic habit of average users - such as the amount of calls in the home network, the amount of calls to international destinations - with distribution to mobile and fixed networks, with the ability to define the schedule calls and the different, specific operators. These data are used in the simulation of consumption for users who do not enter any data - in order to calculate the close real consumption even if users are not many details of their own spending. However, if the user wants - their consumption can be described in great detail, so predefined average values will not be applied.