Enables efficient coordination within the business organization by receiving and exchanging key information between the company’s information system and the Mobillion mobile client installed on the personal mobile devices of employees in charge.

Mobilion gathers information from various components of the business environment and forwards it to people or groups in charge in the form of business or technical notifications - messages, alarms or tasks. People to whom they were sent to can react by taking on/accepting duties, redirecting or finishing/closing tasks.
Each forwarded notification is controlled during its entire life cycle - from the moment it is received from corporate infrastructure to the final execution, and all times are recorded for the purpose of subsequent analysis of business organization efficiency.
  Mobillion brochure with description of the components and main usage types.
  Mobillion presentation with screenshots of the desktop and mobile user interfaces.
The Mobillion platform allows system configuration for various purposes. Some typical applications are listed below:
  1. General Application:
    The use of the Mobillion system for general business applications - for the purpose of administrative coordination within the company
    Gathering and redistributing notifications regarding tasks and meetings based on the connection to internal and external calendars as well as E-mail communication systems.
  3. Technical Maintenance:
    The use of the Mobillion system in technical maintenance tasks - in order to improve system efficiency
    Receiving alarms from alarm centres or other various technical systems and their controllable redistribution for the purpose of efficient monitoring of daily work and fast reaction to technical delays and faults.
  5. Business Administration:
    The use of the Mobillion system in business administration - in order to timely distribute information essential for company business
    Connecting to business information systems in order to receive and redistribute information and tasks related to significant business events, such as cash inflow, payment default, contract effective dates and contract termination dates, as well as the deadlines for submitting bids.
  7. Project Management:
    The use of the Mobillion system in project management tasks - in order to directly coordinate project participants and report on changes in activity statuses.
    The integration of the central project management system and the corporate calendar and issue tracker or the wiki component in order to start activities, record times of completion and redistribute tasks.
  9. Special Supervision:
    Monitoring the statuses of particularly important applications - in order to achieve precise control of key component development.
    Detailed, intensive monitoring of individual system components, such as the monitoring of a certain separate device, instrument or technological process.
The Mobillion system consists of a Mobillion centre and it's web admin console, Mobillion universal mobile client which is installed on the mobile device to connect to the central Mobillion program component via mobile Internet or Wi-Fi, or to further connect to local corporate elements of information infrastructure via the Mobillion connector.

Mobillion Components:

  1. MCS - Mobillion Central System
    The Mobillion centre accepts the information from the existing technical systems used by the organization in its daily work, records it, connects to the users’ mobile clients and performs its two-way exchange, thus enabling the control of its life cycle from the moment it enters the Mobillion system to the moment the person in charge receives it and reacts accordingly.
  3. MIC - Mobillion Integration Connectors
    The integration of the Mobillion system with the company infrastructure is achieved by using Mobillion connectors which establish a two-way connection of various, heterogeneous information system components with the central Mobillion component.
  5. MAC - Mobillion Administration Console
    The Mobillion system is controlled from a desktop computer by using a web-based administration console which enables administering individual users and their rights and configuring user groups according to static (unchangeable) and dynamic (changeable) characteristics, such as the current geographical location of the user or his/her working hours or hours spent on duty.
  7. UMC - Universal Mobile Client
    The universal mobile client is designed for application on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. It enables simultaneous connection to one or several Mobillion central systems, depending on the mobile client user rights defined by administrative managers of Mobillion centres.