Our technical expertise covers the design, development, and maintenance of the most complex solutions for advanced data processing ("big data") in distributed IT systems.

The development is based on the Java programming language and open-source technologies: Spring Framework, Hibernate, Angular, and we are increasingly using Kotlin's programming language, both on the server side and on the mobile part of the development.

In the development of highly scalable and highly accessible systems, we use OpenSource "big data" technology: Akka, Apache Cassandra, and Apache Kafka to which we are currently the most focused.

We continuously invest in the education and deepening of

knowledge in the field of Apache Kafka technology. Our last knowledge improvement achievements are:

  • Confluent Operations Training for Apache Kafka
  • Confluent Developer Training: Building Kafka Solutions

Confluent education certificates:


Kafka related blog:

Over the last year, Innovative Trends has taken part in various projects - from building SMS gateway solution for the international distribution company to co-operating in the "messaging" system maintenance program for regional telecom operators or building a Netherlands traffic monitoring system, exporting your services in the international "Outsourcing" project.

Experience in Agile Project Management as well as "distance" work enables us to join independent, international teams quickly and to efficiently engage in the most complex project, without long adaptation time.