This platform enables the tracking of basic MAP activities in the mobile netvork and the starting of external procedures, programs and other actions based on the changes in the network established via a signal telecommunication interface.

Retrieving information on the base station in use (Cell ID) is enabled so that, based on that information, it is possible to locate MAP events in real time. Changes and activities are shown on the chart background using a standard web interface.
Spatial data can be displayed as a statistical overview of a user group according to concentration spots, i.e. individual coordinates for each user or an associated base station.
It is also possible to retrieve other information from the telecommunication network in order to enrich the data group based on which decisions on the initialization of external processes are made and adapt it to the events on the telecommunication network in order to respond to the behaviour or change in behaviour of the end user quickly and without delay.
Some of the currently supported functions of the system are:
  • Detection of the moment and the position of the change of the mobile device (change of the IMSI-IMEI combination)
  • Detection of time and location of entry into the network (welcome message)
  • Detection of time and location of the user during SIM card activation
  • User density in time sections (e.g. user density on certain geographic locations during working or off hours)

The system is modularly designed in such a way that the control console is easily supplemented with new functions, and activities which will be performed based on the detected change in the telecommunication system are configurable and upgradeable.

Functional improvement does not change the overall system functionality, nor is it necessary to significantly change the administration interface – it is rather supplemented by new functions without affecting the existing ones.