Carmen - Career Management is a modular, multi-user, centralized system for the management of unemployment records, fee calculation, statistic analysis of the trends in the number and type of recorded persons and agency in employment.

The system is developed in an advanced client-server technology, so that the usage is enabled via a standard web browser, but the data is both unique and centralized.

The system enables simple performance of activities connected with the submission and administration of data on unemployed persons, as well as persons seeking to change jobs and on the rights they acquired and exercised. Aside from that, the system enables recording and administration of data on companies – employers and agency in employment.

The basic functional components of the system are:

  • Personal data administration
  • Company data administration
  • Fee management
  • Pairing jobs and agency in employment
  • Reporting and overviews
  • System administration
The system components are modularly organized in such a way that by configuring access rights a job can be organized according to workplace type in any employment agency
The main technical features of such a system boil down to the following:

1. Three-layer system concept

The system is technically organized in three separate layers that communicate with each other via clearly defined interfaces: the data is located in the database - business logic (application) is done in Java - data presentation and user communication is done in a web browser and done in web/Java script technology. That makes it possible to modify any of the components without affecting others.
Furthermore, the three-layer architecture and a web-based interface enable fast and efficient upgrading of the system in the direction of mobile technology (smartphones) as well as developing a web portal for agency in employment.

2. Central, OpenSource database

PostgreSQL database was selected, a common and robust database which ensures unlicensed maintenance on any basis, i.e. without charging usage rights.
The central concept enables simple technical base maintenance, simple data consistency maintenance – without the need for base synchronization or corrections in case of incomplete or incorrect transfers.

3. Platform-independent software support

Application logic was written in Java - a technology suited for the development of central (server) systems that ensures a large user base and an exceptionally rich knowledge base related to the maintenance and development of business-critical centralized systems as well as complete platform independence as well as usage without licence fees.

4. Client - graphical user interface made in Ext JS technology

A higly modern, rich graphical interface suited for fast data entry, search and viewing and adapted to the screen size and format is done in javascript technology available in every Internet browser, without licence fees for usage.

5. Central maintenance

Faster and simpler installation of new functions or a change in any function - from the central location (no separate installations on computers) and once an upgrade is implemented, it is immediately available to everyone.